Brookville Lake 

Less than five minutes to 17 mile-long Brookville Lake
Stay at The Brookville Inn for a weekend of fun!

16,445 acres - 5,260-acre lake

A part of the Brookville Lake -Whitewater Memorial State Park Complex, Brookville Reservoir lies in the historic east fork of the Whitewater River Valley. Traces of prehistoric Native American mounds are still found throughout this valley. The area is known by some worldwide for its significant deposit of Ordovician fossils. These 450- million-year-old fossils, reminders of a primeval inland sea, can still be seen.

Brookville Lake is home to two State Recreation Areas: Mounds SRA (not to be confused with Mounds State Park in Anderson) and Quakertown SRA.

The lake property has more than 25 miles of hiking trails, boating opportunities, and nationally known recreational and sport fishing. Two beaches and more than 400 campsites make this an ideal family vacation spot.

The area was purchased by the federal government for flood control and to provide a place for wildlife and recreation. More than 11,000 acres provide a variety of habitats for plants and wildlife. Brookville is one of the few sites in Indiana where walleye grow big enough for fisheries biologists to milk the females for eggs to supply walleye fry to many lakes in Indiana.

Bring your own boat and rent a buoy from Fairfield or a dock from Kent's Harbor. Or, rent a boat from one of the marinas. Jet skis and wave runners are allowed on the lake.

Marinas (Some marinas offer daily/weekly dock & buoy rentals)

Quakertown Marina, Inc.
(765) 458-6490
4141 Dunlapsville Road
Liberty, In 47353
Kent's Harbor Marina
(765) 458-7431
15179 Old State Road 101
Liberty, In 47353
Fairfield Marina

(765) 647-2657 ext 0
Fairfield Causway Road, P.O. Box 100
Brookville, In 47012

Brookville Lake Sailing Association
Lake Information
Quakertown Marina
Kent's Harbor Marina
Indiana Boating Handbook
ASA - American Sailing Association

Fly Fishing click here for Brookvile Lake fly fishing map
Brookville Tailwaters
The East Fork of the Whitewater River is the primary feeder to Brookville Reservoir. The river is released from the bottom of the dam at the town of Brookville, IN, forming the "Brookville Tailwater". While the tailwater flows only 2 miles before its confluence with the West Fork of the Whitewater River, those 2 miles of river are home to nice populations of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout.

The tailwater fishes well year-round when water flows are wadeable. Of course, the US Army Corps of Engineers operate the dam with flood control as their primary objective so when they need to lower the level of the lake, stand back; but they have been responsive to the requests for flow controls on the tailwater when flooding is not a concern.

This is a "cool" water tailwater below Brookville lake. The dam is a Hypolimnetic Dam which means is has the capability of releasing water from multiple depths to achieve proper amounts of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) and can release at a certain temperature. The lake is set up to never release water above 71 degrees, thus being considered a "cool" water Fishery.

Species Found: Lake species include walleyes, LM Bass, Perch, Crappies and Catfish, but the real attraction here is the stretch of water that runs approx. 2 miles from the Dam to the Whitewater river that is a trout fishery. Rainbows are stocked here in the Spring and Fall as part of the Indiana Trout Stocking Program. Recently the Central Indiana Trout Unlimited, Chapter 699, with permission from the Indiana State Wildlife Agency, (IDNR) has been stocking small Brown trout to see if they will holdover from year to year. So far the results are promising and there are some holdover fish from past stockings. It is recommended that ALL Brown Trout be released to help show the state they can survive and will grow all year long! Brookville Tailwaters Map (Map of Brookville Tailwaters)

Great beaches at either Mounds or Quakertown State Parks

Hiking click here for trail map

  1. Fairfield Trail (1.5 miles) MODERATE—Extends from the southwest end of Fairfield Causeway to the Mounds Beach road traveling by the lakeshore up through an old pine plantation and crop fields.
  2. Glidewell Trail MODERATE—This trail has a long and short loop that takes you past a 2,000-yearold Native American mound. The long loop is 4.5 miles and the short loop is 2 miles.
  3. Templeton Creek Trail (2 miles) MODERATE—Parallels the Mounds Beach road then crosses Templeton Creek and up to the Wildlife Wander Trail.
  4. Wildlife Wander Trail (.7 mile) EASY—This selfguided trail is a short loop through a mature woods. Brochures available by trail sign.
  5. Garr Hill Trail (1.8 miles) MODERATE—This trail goes through crop fields and woods to the Garr Hill Boat Ramp.
  6. Scenic Trail (3.25 miles) MODERATE—This paved trail is great for bicycle riding and rollerblading. Goes from Garr Hill to Scenic Vista.
  7. Woodland Trail (5 miles) Moderate —A wooded alternative that runs parallel to the paved Scenic Trail.
  8. Eagle Trail (2 miles) Moderate —Travel through beautiful mature woods to arrive at the Bonwell Ramp road. Simply cross the road and walk to the far corner of the parking lot to continue on Bonwell Trail.
  9. Bonwell Trail (1.5 miles) MODERATE—A short connecting trail from Bonwell to the top of the dam. To continue the Adena Loop, just cross the dam to the Wolf Creek Trail.
  10. Midway Trail (2.2 miles) MODERATE—Easy access to Wolf Creek Trail. Small parking lot at the end of Keeler Road gives access to trailhead.
  11. Wolf Creek Trail (16.5 miles) RUGGED—Primitive hiking trail traverses the hills and ravines on the west side of Brookville Lake. It crosses no public roads or buildings. Beautiful lake views in spring and fall. Trail ends at the Fairfield Causeway. To pick up the Fairfield Trail, continue back to the east side.

Hunting & Fishing
The Brookville Lake recreational area encompasses over 17,000 acres of lake and upland habitat. The fastest flowing Indiana river, the east fork of the Whitewater feeds the lake, and with the rapid drop in elevation, the bottom depths near the dam exceed one hundred feet.

Fish habitat is excellent for species such as Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, and Walleye. In fact, Brookville Lake is the single source walleye stock for nearly every walleye impoundment in Indiana. Typical female breeding walleye exceed 25 inches and often are in the 30 inch plus range.

Saltwater Striped Bass are also stocked at Brookville and are kept fed on large schools of shad forage fish. Other species found in the lake are Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Bluegill, Muskee and Catfish.

Another great fishery is the Brookville Lake tail water, below the dam. Here you'll find Trout; Rainbows stocked by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Brown Trout stocked by Trout Unlimited. New regulations limit brown trout minimums at 20 inches which is resulting in a much more productive resource in the brown trout catch.

White Tail Deer abound in this part of Indiana and numerous deer hunting opportunities, along with Wild Turkey in the same habitat, are available for archery and gun seasons.

Duck and goose hunting is also productive on the lake and its tributaries.

Guided Fishing Trips

Brookville Lake Guide Service
Scott's 24/7 Guide Service

Birders will find varieties of waterfowl, wading birds, song birds, and raptors in the Brookville Lake area. Typical migrations consist of Teal, Mallards, Coots, Wigeons, Golden Eye, and Canvas Backs, along with greater Canada Geese and Sandhill Cranes. Green, Great Blue, Little Blue, and Night Herons abound at Brookville. Osprey and Red Tail Hawks are quite numerous. You will, given some time, very likely see a Bald Eagle around the lake. In the evening, especially in the spring, listen for the Barred Owl's distinctive calls.


  • Mounds S.R.A
    • Beach House: 765-647-6121
    • Campground: 765-647-0370
  • Quakertown S.R.A.
    • Beach House: 765-458-5019\
    • Campground: 765-458-5041
  • Whitewater State Park
    • Park Office: 765-458-5542
    • Campground: 765-458-7670